5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Cloud-Based Technology In Your Small Business

The evolution of technology has changed the way businesses run. Innovation has made it easy for businesses to share files with clients and associates from all over the world. These benefits have seen many small companies ranging from start-up tech companies to pop shops adopt technologies.

Businesses that have already embraced technology in their daily operations are leaping benefits while those that have not are left struggling. If you are not yet convinced that you should embrace technology in your small business, here are five reasons to make you change your mind.

1. Decreases Cost of Operations

Integrating technology such as cloud computing ensures that your hardware is fully utilized. With virtualization, the value of your physical server hardware is increased ensuring that you are performing more activities in your business but using fewer resources. This ends up helping you make massive savings on a daily basis. This happens regarding installation cost, rack space, power usage, and IT requirements. Hardware maintenance and support and upgrade costs reduce, which is an invaluable benefit for your small business.

2. Helps Revolutionize Operations

Technology is meant to make things easy and manageable. Most businesses may adopt new technologies but end up using it the way they were using the old methods. Instead of following these steps, consider looking at every piece of technology as a means to make the running of the day-to-day operation easy.

For instance, a smartphone is not limited to making calls and sending messages to your contacts. Use it to arrange impromptu visits, rescheduling meetings at the last minute, and giving necessary instructions to your team. According to Andrew Charlton, a leading economist and entrepreneur, when considering any new technology, outline all the underlying assumptions in your current business model. Then look at the possibility that the new piece of technology will make some, if not all, obsolete.

3. Avails Real-time Data

Adapting cloud computing in your small business ensures that the team members can access and work with useful information to the benefit of the business. Data on cloud servers is real-time and always up-to-date hence ensuring that your customers get accurate and consistent information at all times.

With real-time data, you can easily monitor business progress across all key indicators and make any changes if necessary. The most important thing is to ensure that you are working with a system that allows you to log in and see data reports and analysis soon as they change.

4. Creates Multiple Opportunities for Integration

Adapting cloud computing in your small business allows you to integrate with multiple and simpler opportunities. Since there are many cloud-based providers, you can choose the one that gives you the opportunity to integrate with your back office. When you have departments such as the human resource or accounting integrated into your cloud-based system, you have enough time to focus on other more significant issues in your business.

5. Improves Security

Security is given the priority when deciding to adopt cloud computing or any other piece of technology. If you compare this form of technology with on-the-premise stores, the latter keeps the servers on a local physical location, which can be highly insecure. The risks are increased if the employees are transferring data using USB drives.

In addition, there is added cost as you will need to keep the room well air-conditioned to increase the server’s longevity and daily data back-up in off-site data recovery centers to take precaution in case of unforeseen disasters. Using cloud-based system in your small business can save you all this stress, as providers use highly secured servers that have inbuilt backup and redundancy.